NiPKo completes Axss USA Acquisition

(Greeley, CO) – NiPKo, LLC, announced today the acquisition of the remaining shares of Axss USA, LLC based in Platte City, MO.  The company will now be headquartered in Greeley, CO and operate under the name of Axss USA, LLC.  The company, which markets generic agricultural chemicals, is owned and headed by Kevin Howard formerly of Loveland Products Inc.   


“We are happy to complete the acquisition of Axss,” says Mr. Howard, “And we look forward to growing our portfolio of generic crop protection products.  Axss USA, LLC will be focused and committed to delivering the highest quality product that can be found in the market place.  We are also committed to offering customers improved access to strategic products such as 2,4-D, dicamba and glyphosate all of which will play an increasing role in the advancement of genetic crops.”


John Steffel, the founder of Axss USA, said he is pleased with the acquisition by NiPKo and looks forward to a continued relationship with Axss USA and Mr. Howard.  “With Kevin’s energy and experience, I look for Axss USA to grow and prosper under his direction,” Mr. Steffel commented.


Axss USA also recently announced it has reached a sales and marketing agreement with Trace Mountain, LLC a Mississippi based company which markets agrochemicals to the agricultural distribution network.  Mr. Howard stated, “The agreement with Trace Mountain offers us an opportunity to enhance our selling and marketing functions across the U.S. while enabling us to spend more resources on procuring new products for our portfolio.”  Axss USA is in its third year of selling and marketing agrochemicals.