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CCI Marketing centers around helping agribusinesses more effectively promote and market their products and services to farmers, ranchers, and growers via direct marketing campaigns.

Top Grower and Rancher Database Rental
475,000 North American Farmer and Rancher Mailing Addresses

For the past 15 years, CCI, Inc., has been collecting name, demographic, e-mail and mailing addresses from a wide variety of cooperating agriculture companies, in order to provide a distribution service that is unparalleled in the agriculture industry.

Currently consisting of approximately 475,000 US farm producers, the distribution service offers standard agri-marketing demographic splits such as crop and acres, or livestock and head, as well as specific geographic targeting.

The distribution service is a great alternative to agriculture-related companies having to gather contact information and then mass direct mail news and information on their own.

Established in 1986 (the distribution service was expanded to include e-mail addresses in 1995 – see Internet Marketing for information on rental of our e-mail database) the database is continually being updated and refined based on new company information, opt-in, and opt-out requests.

Companies can choose to direct mail their advertorial to as few as 4,000 names, or to CCI’s entire database.

Printed newsletters, postcards, letters, brochures

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