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Info Ag 2007

International Precision Ag Conference Designates July 12th as "Farmer's Day"

Springfield, Ill. - Farmers who are interested in seeing the latest precision ag technology, hear from noted speakers and meet with other farmers who are interested in using new technology to increase both land stewardship and profit per square foot on their farms will have their own day at InfoAg 2007. <more>

TraceTracker USA Inc. Creating Value through Whole Chain Traceability

Presentation by
Stein Onsrud - CEO - TraceTracker


New “Intellicoat” Seed Coating Lets Corn Growers Plant 3-4 Weeks Earlier

Woodbine, Iowa, farmer Vernon Smith, or Avon, Illinois, farmer Kent Lock, or Omro, Wisconsin, farmer Dan Stokes weren’t alone in their quest to plant corn earlier last spring. For many corn growers, one of the most difficult decisions to make is when to begin planting. If you plant too early, the crop may not pull through harsh early spring conditions. If you wait, you may not get all your acres planted on time and suffer yield loss, by as much as 20%, from late planting.

Smith says a new “intelligent” seed coating with a built-in temperature switch set to keep moisture out before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees F. and let moisture in after that helped make the decision easier. He planted hybrid corn with “Intellicoat” and says he’ll plant more acres this spring. While Smith planted Fielder’s Choice Direct hybrid corn, “Intellicoat” is now available on three brands and is expected to be added to many more by the 2004 planting season..<more>

More free time to spend with family, in addition to earlier planting resulting in higher yields, is one of the side benefits Avon, Illinois, “Intellicoat” corn grower Kent Lock enjoys.

Agristar Global Networks Continues to Expand

Chicago , IL , May 18, 2007―Agristar Global Networks, www.agristar.com, continues to rapidly grow its nationwide customer base of leading farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses. The satellite broadband communications company’s primary focus is providing agricultural business information services and high-speed Internet connectivity to the food and agriculture industry. Broadband service also is provided to a large secondary rural market of non-farm residences and businesses.<more>

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Free Farm Biz Accounting Software Six-Month Demo Now Includes Complete User Manual

Parsons, KS --Specialized Data Systems, Inc., developer and marketer of Farm Biz accounting software announces the availability of a free fully-functional six-month demo with the complete 258-page user manual for downloading from their website www.farmbiz.com.

Specialized Data Systems, Inc., Parsons, Kan., is recognized as a leader in powerful, yet low-cost agricultural accounting software. The Farm Biz software program is priced at an affordable $249, which includes free customer support. We're able to offer this, quite frankly," says Walter Hoffman, president, SDS, Inc., because the program is so easy most customers never need help at all!" But, to make sure the free demo software program which allows inputting 6 months worth of data now includes the complete user manual.

The powerful software package has a pre-defined chart of accounts already setup for farming. In addition, reports include Income Statements plus Cash flows, Budgets, Enterprise Analysis, Net Worth & Schedule F. Both bankers and accountants like the program best for it's thorough, yet easy to read reports.

For the fully functional free six-month trial of Farm Biz accounting software click here!

Incredible Savings on Glyphosate!

Raleigh, NC -- Name Your Price on XSAg.com to receive the lowest prices!
Now is the time to purchase your fall burn down products on XSAg.com, as Glyphosate (the active ingredient in RoundUp®) prices are at an all time low. So, cash in on the savings and purchase your fall burn down products today! <<more>>

Lechler, Inc. Introduces new IDK Low Profile Economical Air-Induction Spray Tip Introduced.

St. Charles, IL --Lechler, Inc.'s Agricultural Products Division, has officially introduced its' IDK Air Induction Spray Tip. The IDK is a low-profile venturi spray nozzle that is shorter than traditional air induction spray tips. It allows for excellent drift control across a wide range of pressures (15-90 PSI).<more>


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